Daily Poetry

Little girl, are you a warrior? Is that the reason your face is painted? Little girl, tell me how you learned it How to change your identity with a crayon Little girl, why do you cut cut cut and paste? Little girl, why do you drill drill in your face? Why won’t your mother put […]

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Super Bowl Sunday

So, as we celebrate one of the biggest Sundays in the U.S, I want to confess something. I have never been that into football. I know, I have probably committed a huge crime, but I want to make something clear. I have a huge amount of respect for football players, and the people who watch. […]

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Daily Poetry 2/04/17

Behind all eager eyes there lay 1,000 untold lies but to uncover only one is an impossible feat. A thousand clever words all hide a thousand pounds of hurt but to heal all of these wounds is a hard thing indeed. A little paper love will go all the way above the expectations of a […]

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