Daily Poetry

Little girl, are you a warrior? Is that the reason your face is painted? Little girl, tell me how you learned it How to change your identity with a crayon Little girl, why do you cut cut cut and paste? Little girl, why do you drill drill in your face? Why won’t your mother put […]

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Why Mama By My Chemical Romance Is One Of Their Best Songs

If you don’t know the song Mama by MCR, go listen to it ASAP, because it’s amazing. It has some of the best story-telling I’ve seen in an MCR song, and still manages to be catchy. The song is about a soldier who is telling his mother about the things he did while at war. […]

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Super Bowl Sunday

So, as we celebrate one of the biggest Sundays in the U.S, I want to confess something. I have never been that into football. I know, I have probably committed a huge crime, but I want to make something clear. I have a huge amount of respect for football players, and the people who watch. […]

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Daily Poetry 2/05/17

Nobody understands Exactly who I am But They still act like They know The bugs under your bed The monsters in your head The light behind your eyes When you tell me your lies Are the things I symbolize Advertisements

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Daily Poetry 2/04/17

Behind all eager eyes there lay 1,000 untold lies but to uncover only one is an impossible feat. A thousand clever words all hide a thousand pounds of hurt but to heal all of these wounds is a hard thing indeed. A little paper love will go all the way above the expectations of a […]

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Falling In Reverse “Coming Home” Release Date Announced

I am super excited! I will definitely be saving my money up, buying the absolute bare minimum, to waste on t-shirts,┬ájackets, wristbands, and anything else I can afford after I buy the album. I’ve been doing many listening binges of their albums lately, and I don’t think I’ll ever be tired of them. Can’t wait […]

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