Super Bowl Sunday

So, as we celebrate one of the biggest Sundays in the U.S, I want to confess something. I have never been that into football. I know, I have probably committed a huge crime, but I want to make something clear. I have a huge amount of respect for football players, and the people who watch. They just happen to enjoy he complicated sport, and play it, while knowing they will probably get injured. I do know that it takes a lot of brain power to play the sport, along with skill. Super Bowl is probably one of the biggest days of those people’s lives. But for me, it’s just another Sunday.

Now, I will tell a funny story about one particular Super Bowl Sunday, because it’s probably on of the only reasons I care about it at all. A few Super Bowls ago, my best friend’s mother was about to have a baby. You all can probably guess what happened next. Yep, he baby was born on Super Bowl Sunday. I honestly couldn’t tell you what year it actually was if I wanted to. She was stuck at her house with her stepdad and two half-brothers the whole day. She was basically texting me all day, to avoid her brothers. Best Super Bowl memory, so far. I don’t know about today, though.


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